Ignore the media doom and gloom
So, What's REALLY happening in the
Gold Coast Property Market?
March 2019

WOW!! I can't believe it -  the 31st of this month marks my 10th year in business, and 13th year as a buyers agent on the Gold Coast.

I've got alot more grey hair and wrinkles than when I started, that's for sure, but thankyou to all my past clients for the trust you placed in me along the way.

I know we've had a few laughs, tears, some frustrations and a few of my bad jokes along the way - but Im so happy to have been a part of the process with you all....

In my early 20's (like last week 😂🤣) I went to a clairvoyant and I vividly remember her telling me that 'the wealth in my life would come through the signing of papers for other people' the time it made no sense whatsoever, but now approaching my mid 40's, I know exactly what she means.

That's EXACTLY what I do now and by wealth she didn't mean $$, but wealth as in a full and happy life. I love what I do, although on some of those really tough days where the whole world seems to be conspiring against me, being a check out chick at Coles looks very inviting, but while ever I still enjoy doing what I do for the most part, I'll keep doing it! I will definately be around for awhile yet.....!

I've got so many plans and ideas for the direction of the business so watch this space over the next 10 years - I feel like I'm only getting started!

So, what REALLY is happening in the Gold Coast property market right NOW?

Speaking to a number of agents, and valuers in different areas and price points around the Gold Coast over the past weeks, the general consensus is that it feels that we've hit the bottom of the market, somewhat plateaued and things are on the move back up again. While buyers are still having some trouble getting their finance across the line, that is now easing with some banks now re-introducing interest only lending, and those that can get their funds across the line, and are willing to ignore the doom and gloom in the media, are cleaning up!! According to Baron Rothschild in the 18th century - 'Buy when there's blood in the streets' - and in my opinion it's still true today.

Rents are also up over the last 12 months - seeing an on average increase of $30pw for houses, and $15pw for units. Read more

Of course, we've got the election coming up shortly and a possible change of government so some unknowns with new policies being introduced - but at the end of the day, EVERYONE needs a roof over their heads!

I've recently heard of people selling their $900k homes, planning to rent for a few years with the intention of buying it back down the track for $500k and pocketing the difference...... I really don't see this happening! The way I see it, housing is a need not a luxury, and that need is only getting greater on the Gold Coast not less, so while prices may falter a little, I don't ever see it getting back to that level! Check out the stock market - its nothing for the SPI fluctuates 5% in ONE DAY!

The last 3 properties I've purchased for my buyers have all been multiple offers with two and three buyers trying to buy them at the same time. Varying in price from the $450k bracket to the $800k bracket.

Another deal Im currently working on for a buyer is a 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom home with a media room, and pool on 850m2 of land in a premium suburb that was originally listed at $849,000 plus in November last year.

They had a number of offers at the $850k mark but all we're subject to the sale of another property which didn't work for the sellers situation. Im sure those sellers regret not working with those buyers at the time as they've now missed the market as pricing fell away at the end of last year and we've got an offer on this today at $785k which Im quietly confident I'll get across the line.

The buyers will spend $25k - $30k on a bit of a tidy up and quick makeover before putting tenants in at $850 pw and likely make an easy $75 - $100k on it based on the comparable sales in the area.

These types of deals are the things that you come across by being in the market all day, every day, and being able to recognise a good buy when it come up! They come up all the time. After years of experience I also have the knack of seeing properties as they can be and their potential, not as they are, and Im not afraid to buy the odd 'ugly' property or two for my buyers. I recently wrote an article about buyers paying more for a 'pretty' house which they absolutely do. Read more

At Eureka Buyers Agents, 'We find. We negotiate. You save.' - So, if you're cashed up and in the market for a good quality property either as a home or an investment, with the opportunity to save some money or better still, make some money along the way, then here's how you can work with me.

I have a NO B.S. Guarantee - just good quality, educated, un-sugar coated guidance along the way - to help you buy smarter on the Gold Coast.

Until next month,


Gold Coast Development and Infrastructure News
Front page of the Gold Coast Bulletin this week!
Hopefully not just an empty election promise.....
PRIME Minister Scott Morrison’s Federal Coalition plans to fork out $8 million on a business case for a new fast rail line slashing the Gold Coast-Brisbane commute to 32 minutes.
The business case will also look at the need for extending the existing rail line – or a new fast rail track – from Varsity Lakes to Gold Coast Airport.

The existing train connection between the two cities takes 74 minutes at an average speed of 69km/h, but the fast rail being envisaged would race along at 160km/h. Read More

Gold Coast Light Rail: Tweed light rail to connect to Coolangatta Airport - A LIGHT rail line which connects Tweed Heads to Coolangatta Airport and eventually the Gold Coast G-Link is being planned by the NSW Government. Read More

Homebuyers revert to ‘closed plan’ design as privacy is back in vogue - Home buyers are losing interest in what was the ever-popular open plan design as they start to remember, or realise, the benefits of a more closed layout. Read More (Eureka Note - we've noticed more of our buyers are requesting 'closed and segmented' living too. I think it depends on how many kids you have -There is only so much Pokemon, Barbie and Bey Blades you can handle! 😂🤣)

Gold Coast Logistics Hub under development - A great boost for the northern Gold Coast! The first large scale industrial site to be developed on the Gold Coast in recent years, this 22-hectare site is centrally located in the existing industrial area of Arundel. The site has great linkage to the M1 (8 minutes) west along Brisbane Road with easy B double access. Toll Group is committed to building a state-of-the-art facility on a large area of the site. They will eventually employ 1000 people. Find out more and here.

Buyers Agent Secrets
Local insight makes a world of difference! There's so much information online these days that anyone can jump online and quickly become an 'expert' in just about anything - but you know what, nothing beats 'local knowledge'.
There are a number of great tools and websites available to real estate buyers - You can use Google Maps to drill down into the location and the surroundings. You can ask Google just about anything

BUT there are just some things Google won't and can’t tell you about - no matter how much online research you do. Read More

Recent Client Purchase
Did you know that we can manage your renovation too?

While not a recent client purchase, this is a recent 'cosmetic makeover' we've just finished for some past buyers. This is a property we purchased 'off market' for them at the southern end of the Gold Coast 12 months ago for $530,000 - I believe some $15k to $20k below market value at the time. It's a big 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, double lock up garage home on a 750m2 corner block with HEAPS of potential for a garage conversion to a 4th bedroom or for a 2nd dwelling in the backyard or both!

While the owners live overseas, we've taken care of the whole reno project for them from start to finish.

TOTAL SPEND: They've spent just on $25,000 incl $5k worth of air-conditioning, a makeover of the kitchen incl new appliances, a makeover of both bathrooms, new curtains, new lights and fans, and some new carpet

RENT INCREASE: Its increased their rental return from $520pw to $580pw and it was let from the first inspection.

AFTER -  As a tenant which one would you rather rent??......
Does your property need a facelift? If you would like to find out more about our project management services and further specifics on exact costings and a break down of the work undertaken,  please feel free to get in contact.

I HATE seeing people ripped off and taken advantage of so I have put together this report to help YOU buy smarter on the Gold Coast!

'Five Eleven Crazy Mistakes 'Out of Towners' make when buying Gold Coast Property'.......

the list keeps growing!

Remember - Things aren't always as they seem,
and especially in Real Estate!!

Got Questions?
Hi, Im Nicole Marsh - I'm a Fully Licensed, Independent Buyers Agent here in QLD and NSW and the owner at Eureka Property Buyers Agents. I've been doing this since 2006.

I started Eureka Property Buyers Agents back in 2009 because I saw the need for buyers to be be protected - and to ensure they aren't ripped off and taken advantage of - especially in a property market like the Gold Coast that is well known to have its fair share of sharks and dodgy agents….

The seller has a trained property professional and experienced negotiator on their side - WHY shouldn't the buyer have the same benefit too?

It's taken 13 years but Ive amassed an excellent ‘mastermind’ of other specialist professionals I trust and work closely with. Be it builders, property managers, pest and building inspectors, conveyancers, renovation experts and quantity surveyors - so there isn't any real estate question I believe I can't answer - or find the answer to!

Got questions about the Gold Coast Property Market? Make a time to talk with me today! Obligation Free and no high pressure sales tactics - I promise!
I love feedback!

Watch this space - I've got lots of new ideas and things on the horizon in 2019.

If there's anything you want to know, think I should cover in upcoming newsletters, or you just wan't to say "Hi, great information Nicole" Id love to hear it - so please get in contact.

I'd love to know its not just 'crickets' out there!!

Until next month,

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